Who we do it for

CLIENTS – Relationships and Boards

1st Mariner Bank

1st Mariner Bank is a regional mid-size retail, mortgage and commercial bank


AddThis is the world’s largest sharing platform, helping site owners and brands build digital audiences and use data to personalize experiences


Advertising.com is the leading provider of results-based interactive marketing services – sold to AOL/Time-Warner

Ayers Saint Gross

Ayers Saint Gross is an international APF (LC) specializing in college campuses and cultural venues

BTE Technologies

BTE Technologies is a market innovator in advanced physical therapy equipment for evidence-based physical and occupational therapy and occupational therapy


Carchex is the dominant direct marketer of automotive services for consumers and dealers – inspections and warranties for new/used vehicles – online and off

Edmund Burke School

Burke, based in Washington DC, is an urban, coed, independent, college prep school, committed to the development of the imagination, reason, and knowledge with emphasis on the abilities and needs of the individual


Eyemaginations is a creator/marketer of sophisticated patient education software to enhance performance of optometric and ophthalmic practices

Foundations Recovery Network

Foundations Recovery Network is dedicated to treating persons with a dual diagnosis of substance addiction and mental health disorders, incorporating the 12-step philosophy while utilizing motivational interviewing techniques for a proven successful recovery outcome

Friends School Baltimore

Friends School, founded in 1784, is the oldest independent K-12 school in Baltimore

Graul’s Markets

Graul’s Market is a small collection of family-owned, upscale gourmet groceries serving their communities for 100+ years

Grand Brands/True Lemon

Grand Brands is a marketer of crystallized natural citrus flavor in packets and shakers for waters, teas and cooking

Happy Farms Botanicals

Happy FarmBotanicals
Happy Farms Botanicals creates and markets organic health and beauty products under various brand names

HarborView Towers

HarborView Towers is a luxury waterfront condominium development

Healthy Harbor

Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore Inc. launched Healthy Harbor to restore the Harbor, the city’s most valuable asset, to a vibrant, safe and sustainable future

ICI Mutual

ICI Mutual was established by the mutual fund industry to provide mutual fund company directors, officers, and advisors with insurance services including underwriting, claims handling and risk management

Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics

Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics is a world-class team of orthopedic surgeons and physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians who study, diagnose, and treat muscular and skeletal conditions

Katzen Eye

Katzen is the largest private eye care practice in Maryland with specialists in all phases of eye care, including cataracts, glaucoma, and facial esthetics

Maxima Technologies

Maxima Technologies is a global electronics provider specializing in custom-engineered and standard vehicle instrumentation, controls, components and systems

newBrandAnalytics, Inc

newBrandAnalytics generates customer satisfaction insight and competitive intelligence from social media customer feedback on a store by store basis

One Command

One Command provides customer relationship communications, primarily for auto dealers – delivering personalized tele-communications to increase dealer visits/revenue for maintenance, repair, and purchase


OpenQ is the developer and manufacturer of the leading social media compliance software for financial and pharmaceutical industries

The Prime Rib

The Prime Rib is a nationally-renowned Zagat #1-rated restaurant

Tanglewood Conservatories

Tanglewood Conservatories is the global leader in construction of authentic, updated conservatories

Talk of Fame Radio show

Talk of Fame Radio is a syndicated football Hall of Fame-focused weekly national radio show


Traffiq is an online media marketplace and management tool that directly connects agencies/advertisers to publishers, enabling both sides to realize true value — planning, posting specs, negotiating price, buying, optimization, and consolidated billing over the multiplicity of online media channels

University of Baltimore

University of Baltimore is one of the country’s few upper-division universities – junior and senior years, plus graduate school — recently expanded to a four year institution


Vapotherm is a developer of high-flow, non-invasive respiratory therapies, especially for treatment of chronic lung and acute breathing disorders


Videology’s technology leverages data and mathematics to guarantee delivery of a brand’s message against a targeted demographic, and enables content creators and publishers to monetize audiences across varied demographic segments

Visible World

Visible World is a complete, cross-platform solution for electronically creating, delivering, and monitoring dynamically customized video ads within any media plan


Weatherbug provides real-time, neighborhood-specific weather via 8,000 tracking stations and 1,000+ cameras at schools, public facilities and TV stations


Wiser is the developer and manufacturer of unique healthcare treatment comparison and cost — saving tools